Friday, January 7, 2011

Dancing in San Diego!

So the majority of my time spend in San Diego has been spent baking, lounging, or shopping... but I did find the time to take some really amazing dance classes while out here!
First my sister and brother in law got me a package of classes at Aerial Revolution, a really awesome aerial studio where I have gotten to take silks classes that kicked my out of shape butt! The instructor I worked with was so great and motivating to all the students, and she was able to work with each student's skill level, walking around and making personal interactions to make the class work for everyone.
Then I found a free day of classes offered at Dance Place San Diego. This one large building hosts three of San Diego's dance companies: San Diego Dance Theater, Malashock Dance, and San Diego Ballet. All of these companies offered a sampling of their classes the day after Christmas from 8am-5pm and all were FREE to the public! I went in right at 8am and took ballet, and various contemporary and modern classes, but after sitting around on my butt for a few weeks and still trying to get over a nasty cold, I was way too tired to finish out the whole day. And I didn't want to be too sore because the next day...
Javier Bācá - photo credit

I started a great workshop at San Diego Dance Theater with guest artist Javier Bācá, a Shen Wei dancer. The workshop was a week long, with class every day, and only cost $75!! I couldn't believe my luck to find such great dance at such a low cost. It was so fun and challenging to learn some of the Shen Wei technique, it is very different from anything I have ever done before, but I loved it. Javier was a great teacher and really knew how to explain the technique, not to mention he is a beautiful dancer to watch!

So while most of my break was me being lazy or eating cupcakes, I was able to have some great dance exposure while out in California!
Hope you all had happy holidays!