Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberry Margarita Birthday!

Virginia's birthday is just around the corner and we decided to have a celebration this weekend before the roommates move out for the summer. Thinking of summertime and a birthday celebration, I decided to make some strawberry margarita cupcakes for dessert after our dinner at Cali n' Tito's!
The recipe I used, like most, started with creaming butter and sugar together. Then zesting and juicing a lime to add in. Along with this shining star... It began to smell of sweet margaritas in the kitchen! Then I added in the strawberry preserves and the mix began to separate some, but I kept on as the recipe said this could happen. With the addition of the eggs and flour, the batter pulled together perfectly!It was ready to be scooped into these pretty little liners!

And put into the oven!
After about 20 minutes the sweet strawberry lime fragrance filled the air and they were done! While they cooled I whisked margarita mix, tequila, and powdered sugar to make the glaze.
After they were done cooling, poke little holes in the tops of the cakes... and pour a small amount of the glaze over them! This gives them a little bit of a kick with the tequila replacing what was baked out!

Then I got started on the frosting which was a simple cream cheese frosting flavored with margarita mix and strawberry preserves!

Piping turned out to be a little difficult because the air downstairs at our house is still not fixed so I had to keep putting the frosting in the fridge between piping so it wouldn't melt right off!

But they turned out alright!Fresh strawberries are the perfect way to hide any piping imperfections!

Paper towels help soak up some juices that could run all over the frosting making even more of a mess. And look pretty too! A perfect celebratory summer cupcake! Happy birthday Virginia!