Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Good Fruit Goes Bad...

What do you do when you look through the fridge and see that unopened bag of oranges you bought a few weeks ago that you knew was the better deal because OF COURSE you would eat them all...

And then you look on the counter at that bunch of bananas that somehow hid themselves from you and OVERNIGHT turned from perfectly ripe to almost un-salvageable...


Yeah, yeah, you're cleaning the house and moving out and need to get rid of stuff and it would be so much easier to just chuck it in the trash... but your roommates who have been gone all summer are coming home, and everyone knows that the best way to salvage fruit on the verge of questionable is to BAKE!

So with an afternoon off work and some recipes that I had ingredients for already, I was determined to make some treats for my returning roomies!

I started working on an orange crumb cake and a banana chocolate chip bread! All of the oranges were zested and juiced and good to go! I juiced way too many oranges for this recipe but the extra was great to sip on while I worked! The night before I had put 3 of the overripe bananas in a ziplock bag with the intention of using them in smoothies, but then thawed them and found that the bag was the perfect thing to "mash" them up, no extra bowl needed! Because I'm trying to use up everything in the house before we move, I was excited that I didn't need to make a trip to the store! I was just a few eggs short, but the neighbors helped me out there. I was actually extra excited to use their eggs because the boys had bought local organic duck eggs that were so beautiful I almost couldn't bring myself to crack them! The process from there was pretty simple, just gathered all the ingredients and mixed together, no need to even get the stand mixer out! Then just spread the batter into buttered loaf pans and bake for about 40-45 min, or until a knife comes out clean!
Let cool completely on a wire rack, then the banana bread is ready to go! Yummmm chocolate chips and bananas are a perfect match! After the orange cake cooled I made a simple glaze with just powdered sugar and orange juice to pour over the top! With a freshly cleaned house, welcome home sign (made while at my very difficult desk job the day before...) and two fresh cakes, its time for the roomies to come home! Baking is the perfect way to use up aging ingredients without waste, and a great way to welcome home loved ones!

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  1. I did the same exact thing to bananas last week! Day = made.