Monday, December 14, 2009

Under the Weather...

Fall semester is finished at last! After two grueling exams today, my body is finally letting me know how it feels about the months of abuse I gave it in the form late night study groups and long rehearsal days. I can't deny it anymore, I've got a cold. And with three intense rehearsal days still ahead of me this week before I get to go home, I just need rest. But anyone who knows me knows that I go stir crazy within the first few hours of being home bound. That is why today was the perfect day to start this blog. It's something I've wanted to do for awhile, and now I finally have a place to write about all the random little things I do, make, want, bake, love, and think about daily.
For starters...

Today I thought about how much I love flowers.

And these particularly lovely roses are from my sweet big sis J. Brown who came to watch my first real piece of choreography be shown in the Young Choreographers Series recently. And this afternoon, as I laid pathetically in bed surrounded by tissue boxes and cups of tea, these flowers inspired me to make some flowers...

So I started with this little guy,

Who I'd been wanting to make ever since Tara made some headbands months ago. And while I dug for buttons in my craft box, I found some beads, and remembered this http://http//
Which then lead to...

Yet another headband!

(what, I have tons of boring ones laying around begging to be embellished)

OK so mine turned out a little more elementary than Martha's... but I half blame the Food Network's Pie Baking competition on in the background. It was much too distracting to focus on counting tiny tiny beads and making exact rows, so I improvised a little ha ha.

So now that I have two totally unnecessary, but adorable, headbands and a fancy new blog, I think its time to rest. But fear not, I will be back with more random little thoughts and sweet treats that hopefully will make others smile a little bit too.

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  1. Yay blog! Your headband turned out soo cute! Let's blog lots and convince tara to get hers going again too : )