Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009!

And because it is the last day of 2009, I figured I better make this last post with Christmas things, just to finish up the holiday.
So we were finally able to get out of our house after the Christmas Eve blizzard and attend another family function on Sunday, one that I was requested to bake some cupcakes for. So I thought about making some new holiday flavored cupcakes, but since there were going to be little picky-eater kids around, I decided to stick with just yellow cake, cream cheese frosting, and make the decorations holiday themed. And I found this adorable idea, yet again on Bakerealla.

but since my mom hates mint anything, I left out the candy canes and just made some cute trees!

you start by just cutting the tops off of ice cream cones...

then dip those cones in green candy melts...

then simply roll the little trees in green sugar, and cover a cupcake in cream cheese frosting, then roll the top in sugar to look like snow, annnd...

stick your Christmas trees in the snow!oh and make sure you don't forget the star on top!
then tint the rest of the frosting light blue, and cover the other half of your cupcakes in the blue, again rolling the tops in sugar. and pipe on some snow flakes!

snowflakes and Christmas trees! The trees were a big hit with the kids, and adults alike!

and one last Christmas craft... I went and bought some fabric on major sale after Christmas and whipped out this cute little Christmas apron! I've got some more fabric that I need to make some aprons or other things out of and hopefully will get around to it before my break is over, but I just couldn't resist this adorable present print for an apron!

And with all of that Christmas baking out of my system, I'm refreshed and ready to start 2010. Just not so ready to go back to school... Oh well, off to celebrate the new year, and not think about school for a couple more days!

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