Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its been awhile...

Things have been so crazy getting into the groove of a new semester, and I haven't had much time to do anything but study and dance! This past weekend was an exception though, as it was MLK weekend- the best three day weekend of the year, also known as Mountain Trip. Since freshmen year of college my best friends have been going to the North Georgia mountains for a weekend of hiking (or walking really...) crazy partying, and bonding in celebration of my friend Margaret's birthday. I decided that since this year was Marg's 21st I should make some special cupcakes for her, and since her favorite liquor is Bailey's, I found it appropriate to make these. I hunted around for the perfect recipe (meaning the one with the most alcohol in it) and then decided to make the frosting a Bailey's butter cream as well (instead of the chocolate one used in the recipe) Hey, it's a 21st birthday, gotta go all out!

the batter was a little more thick that it I think it should have been, but it smelled heavenly.
and as I guessed from the consistency of the batter, they baked up a little more dense than I would have liked, but they still turned out pretty good!
also, the Bailey's butter cream was perfectly sweet with just the right kick at the end.

singing to the birthday girl!

Takin' two! Bailey's cupcakes, always a hit at a college party.


  1. you have a blog? shut up! i love it!

    lots and lots of love from inman park!
    mama craw

  2. those cupcakes sound good! i love baileys too- make me some! now you need to blog about the dancin' part too... if you're not too tired.