Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moving Day

I cant believe how quickly the summer has flown by, or that I'm leaving for Maine tomorrow! But before the fun travel and dancing, I had to move everything to my uncles house for storage. Moving is always a pain, no matter how many times you do it (I have moved all my stuff a total of 8 times since starting college, not including this one...) I still never get over how difficult it is. That's why I was so grateful to have the help of Alex and Taisa and Taisa's truck yesterday to move all my furniture! I knew I needed to bake them something extra special for helping me out so muchSo I went with Alex's favorite Darn Good Chocolate Cupcakes!I love these bright colored cupcake liners too! So summery then I wanted to try out making a whipped ganache frosting, and it started out well...but when it came time to pipe it, the frosting was too thick and didn't look quite right on top... (in fact, it looked a little more like dog poo than delicious chocolate frosting)So I figured it would be a better filling! Rich dark chocolate cake with a thick ganache truffle filling! But then I ran into the problem of what to top the cupcakes with. I didn't have much around the house as I have been trying to use everything up before the move, but I did have some left over heavy cream from making the ganache, so I decided to make a thick vanilla whipped creamSo light and airy, the perfect contrast to a heavy rich cake. The whipped cream piped great, but I wasn't satisfied yet, I wanted these to look a little more special. I had a few chocolate chips left so I decided to make some decorations for the top.Just melted semisweet chocolate chips...piped with a plastic bag onto foil (or parchment, or wax paper...) set up in the fridge...
and put on top of the whipped cream!
Thanks for all your help guys!


  1. Ahhh! I just clicked on your blog and it made me really hungry and I wish I could be as awesome as you and make these :) Haha. Very impressive step up from our Russell Hall DG Cupcakes. Love you, Presto

  2. they were the best cupcakes i have ever consumed in my entire life!!

  3. Those cupcakes are SO CUTE sis! I wish I had been there to have one. I haven't had a really good cupcake in awhile.

    Miss you! It was great chatting with you yesterday :)

  4. What lovely and professional looking cupcakes. If you dance as well as you cook your future is very bright. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. you are so excelling at making me drool