Wednesday, September 22, 2010


sliding, diving, flying, catching, falling, rolling, lifting, pushing.
bruises, bumps, blood, sweat, strains, tears.
set, drop, go.
DIAVOLO (Di-a’-vo-lo) “Dia”: Spanish for "day"; Greek for "through, across, from point to
point"; “Volo”: Latin for "I will fly."

These past few days of working with Diavolo Dance Theater have been amazing and intense. After long, long rehearsal days, the company members have set an entire piece on us in just 3 days! We open the show this coming Friday and have another performance Saturday night. I think this is the fastest I have had to build trust with a new group of people, and the hardest I have pushed myself to overcome fears and insecurities. There is no room for hesitation. Amazing experience, and sure to be an amazing show!

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