Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Bakes

Mallory's birthday is always one of my favorite things to bake for this time of year. It is sort of a nice break from all the holiday themed treats to bake something for a birthday instead. Luckily her birthday is early enough in December that all of our roommates were still in town to celebrate.
I wanted to use peppermint extract again because it was so good in the cake truffles I made for Kristina's party, but decided to make something a little different.I saw these cupcakes that looked so good that had a peppermint patty baked inside and thought they would be perfect for Mallory's birthday! But here is where my cake fail began. In my post-finals lack of sleep state I forgot to do something that could have saved these cupcakes. Instead of putting a little batter under the peppermint patties in the liners, I let them sit directly on the bottom.It didn't even cross my mind till after they baked, they looked really good after baking and I thought they were going to be perfect. But when I lifted them out of the pan I felt that the bottom was a little lighter than the top and I knew that the candy had burned and stuck to the paper, leaving an air pocket at the bottom. But there was no time to bake any more so I went ahead and piped some peppermint buttercream in pretty designs to hopefully save at least the top half of these cupcakes.And I got to finally use the cupcake stand I made out of adorable thrift plates I found! But just as I expected, when I cut one in half, the candy stayed stuck to the bottom of the paper. There was still a pretty good ratio of cake to frosting though so I figured they would be fine!Virg carefully placed candles around the stand...And Mallory (with Penny of course) got to make a birthday wish!

Despite the cakefail, these cupcakes still got great reviews! Now looking forward to doing some Christmas baking while out in San Diego with my sister! Happy birthday Mallory, and Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. everything looks so glowy and happy!!! they look so cute on the cake stand! i want to make oneee!!!!!!

  2. Miss Amelia, your blog is on my Google reader and I love seeing all your yummy cupcakes! I miss you lots and hope you have a wonderful holiday!
    litb, Becca