Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tacky Christmas!

This past weekend was the start of all things Christmas. It is finally acceptable to wear tacky Christmas sweaters and eat too many sweets at parties, it's officially Christmas season. And that being said, Kristina asked me to make some sweets for her tacky Christmas sweater party.
I started with something I have been wanting to make for awhile but was unsure how it would work out because of the possible sugar overload. I saw on another blog recently these little mini cupcakes being used as toppers on regular sized cupcakes and thought they were so adorable. As Kristina loves all things tiny, I thought they could be great on their own, mainly just for looks. These little faux-cupcakes start simply with mini Reese's peanut butter cups. Then simply pipe on some frosting with a mini star tip. I used some leftover cream cheese frosting (without peppermint extract - you'll see later) and tinted it blue.for some added holiday glam, top with mini sugar pearls!Then I moved on to one of my favorite things (other than cupcake of course) to make. Cake truffles.I made a red velvet cake but added a teaspoon of peppermint extract to the batter. Then I made a cream cheese frosting and also added peppermint extract to that in the end. I kept mixing small amounts until I got the right flavor, I think I ended up using around 1.5 tsp for the frosting.Meanwhile, I had Tara crush up a bunch of candy canes for the festive topping!After the cake truffles had been rolled and hardened for a few hours in the fridge I set up an assembly line and started dipping in semi-sweet chocolate and immediately sprinkling with the candy cane sprinkles. The chocolate hardens pretty quick on the cold cake, so the most you should dip at at time before sprinkling is 2-3. Then I placed them on the cake stand I made from some thrift store finds (an old red candle stick glued to a glass Christmas platter) and they were ready for the party!Everyone seemed to enjoy the treats, even the super sugary mini "cupcakes"! Tacky Christmas was a great start to the holiday season!


  1. i killed those peppermints! thanks for letting me help :) you know i ve always wanted to be a christmas elf.

  2. thanks again for making treats! they were adorable and wonderful :)