Friday, March 4, 2011


I can't believe it is already here! I am leaving today (after class, work, and rehearsal...) to head down to Florida for The American College Dance Festival! This is my first year to attend, and the class and performance schedule looks amazing! I am so excited to be performing Tara and Mallory's Senior Exit pieces again! Here are some pictures from the show of the pieces we will be doing. Empty House by Mallory Baxley

We are performing Mallory's piece Empty House in the informal showing so it won't look exactly the same, but it is an amazing piece that hopefully we can still do justice without the lighting and smoke effects! Also since Caitlin graduated, Mallory will be dancing with us in her part which is exciting! Mutually Exclusive by Tara Hemmer

We are performing Tara's piece Mutually Exclusive in the adjudicated show so we will get feedback from amazing artists such as Bebe Miller and Mary Chocrin!

I am also performing in faculty Daryl Foster's piece which will be presented in the Spring Dance Concert at UGA in April!

In addition to performing, I get the chance to take class from amazing faculty from all over the region including Michael Foley who I loved at Bates this past summer, Pam Pietro an great ADF faculty, and many more!

I can't wait for this weekend that will surely be filled with wonderful experiences with inspiring choreographers and dancers!

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  1. What are your reviews regarding the adjudicated concerts? It they only picked 10 out of 40, they had to be pretty hard this year!