Friday, March 11, 2011

CORE Concert!

The CORE Concert Dance Company show was last week and I knew I wanted to make something festive for the company as a merde gift! The show this year is titled Journeys Into the Vortex of Good Feeling and Delight I decided this would be the occasion to try out multi colored cupcakes! I started with a thick white cake batter
Then scooped the batter into even portions,
And dyed it neon green, purple, pink, and blue!
then scooped even spoonfuls of the different batter colors!
Then crossed my fingers and baked the crazy cuppies!
They baked up perfect! I was worried about how much batter to use, but I think a full tablespoon of each color worked out well! Then I whipped up some cream cheese frosting for the top!
Cute, but not pretty enough yet...
So I added some gold sugar to make them sparkle and shine!
But wait, just one more finishing touch... Colorful stars because my CORE dancers are amazing stars!
And what you have been waiting for, the inside!
The colors turned out so bright, I love it! Great show CORE, hope you enjoyed your treat!


  1. Those are awesome! Did you see the multicolored cake pops thing I posted on your FB awhile back? I still want to see those made someday... :) Love ya!

  2. Wow these are looking great! what a wonderful idea :) Now i feel like baking.