Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sundays are...

...for sleeping in
...for going out to brunch
...for cute downtown shopping
...for grocery shopping
...for renting movies
...for cooking dinner
...and are quickly becoming my favorite day of the weekend to do all of these things with best friends

Today at Dynamite everything was half off, so I decided to get some fun new spring things...

Like this fun scarf, it reminds me of peach and raspberry sherbet

and this super soft American Apparel v-neck is the perfect sunny yellow!

This adorable vintage rose tea towel is perfect for our Valentine's party!

I love Dynamite, especially on Sundays so I can go play with Virginia at work!

After shopping for unnecessary cute things and grocery shopping, I cooked dinner, something I wish I had more time during the week to do, but at least on Sundays I can cook a lot and then have leftovers. I found this recipe that looked delicious even for my non veg friends and decided to try it out.

it starts with two of my favorite ingredients, black beans and cilantro... you know this is going somewhere good.then combine brown rice, corn, and green chilies with the black beans and cilantro
and put the mix on a whole wheat tortilla and top with some shredded cheese. I added the cheese instead of the guacamole that's in the recipe because Tara doesn't like avocado, but I think it turned out perfect!
a healthy filling meal to go along with our movie selection for this week

Such a good movie! Rent it, now!
Alright, enough playing, gotta get some rest and remember that I have class in the morning!

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  1. aww i want to see that movie! wish i could have come over to snuggle and watch it with yall!