Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some catching up to do...

So I've fallen behind with all blogging these days. I find myself constantly taking pictures and doing things that I want to blog about, but then can't find the time to actually blog. So here I am, alone in Athens on Easter weekend excited to have some time to bake, and play catch up on here!
Now whats been going on this past month?

A lot of my time in Feb was taken up by the CORE show with tons of rehearsal all the time. But I made sure weekends were reserved for sleeping in and quality time with friends to maintain my sanity...

I hadn't made pancakes in forever, but one morning me and Tara decided to actually make breakfast.

We made blueberry pancakes, soy sausages, some banana, and tea!

While we were in the grocery getting supplies for breakfast, I saw an angel food cake on sale, and it made me think of summer at home. My favorite dessert in summer is either ice cream, or angel food cake with strawberries. So although it was just Feb, still a little chilly outside, I decided to dress up a cake for dinner.

the strawberries were so ripe I only had to add a little bit of sugar to get their juices flowing...

and I had some left over whipping cream from the tea party that I needed to use up so I made some vanilla whipped cream for the frosting. Makes me want it to be summer now!

Then the next week we decided to try out cheese fondue, which I had never made before, but how hard could it be right? Well we improvised a little and it turned out alright... but I think with some work it could be a lot better in the future!
Still a good dinner party!

Finally at the end of Feb was the CORE concert, and all my family came to see me dance!It was so good to finally show what we have been working on all year, the show went really well! And it was so good to see my family, I miss my mom and sister so much and Carrie hadn't been to see me in Athens ever since I started school so it was fun to show her around!

Flying to the next week - SPRING BREAK!

Me and Tara had hoped to fly out to San Diego to see my sister, but that fell through and we ended up staying a night in Savannah and then going to Daytona for awhile. I'm glad we went to Savannah, I am realizing more and more how much I'm becoming my mother, getting lost "taking the scenic route" and sight seeing, and planning the whole day out. and Savannah is just so beautiful, I hadn't been there in about 10 years, but I love all the historic squares in the middle of town and the beautiful cemeteries. Spring flowers were starting to bloom too! I love daffodils, they always make me think of spring in grandma and grandpas back yard...Daytona was pretty much your average "college spring break" and not really my scene, but it was nice to get away for a little bit, escape school work for a week.
Then back to school and its already time for formal! I had never been to my sororities formal before, and I hadn't had the time to be really involved with anything this year because of CORE, so I figure now was as good a time as any to go to my formal! We had a pot luck dinner at a friends house before the dance and I made more cake truffles (red velvet covered in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate) and a 6 layer been dip with chips. I would post pictures, but I forgot to take any of the food, and I have already posted cake truffles twice in here so it could be overkill anyways...

Ok last thing I swear...
Anyone who knows my friend Sierra will tell you she is addicted to chocolate, so when I was given the task of making her birthday cake, I knew it had to be disgustingly chocolaty
Starting with a layer of milk chocolate frosting and broken up Reese's cups in the middle...

Then covered in a dark fudge frosting and a thick layer of mini chocolate chips to top it off. Anyone else probably would have gone into diabetic shock, but she loved it haha! Happy 21st Sierra!

Alright I think that's just about all that's been going on. Now I need to go find what I'm going to make for Easter dinner tomorrow night!


  1. That chocolate cake looks intense. Can I commission you to make me a cat shaped cake for my birthday this year?? Hahaha

  2. note the christmas tree in the background....yay spring trees...